Change your IP address

Windows XP Cable Modem:
START>Control Panel>Network Connections

1. Right click on your local connection (not your gateway if you have one).
2. Click, Properties.
3. Highlight, Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), from the list.
4.Click, Properties.
5. if "Obtain an IP Adress" automatically is checked then, Click "Use the Following IP Adress."
5. Go to START>Run
6.Type cmd
7. in Command Prompt type, ipconfig /all
"Keep the command prompt window open (for you will need this to change your IP)"
8.Go back to "Obtain an IP adress Automatically"
9.For "IP Adress" type your ip adress givin to you in the command promp
10. The last digit in the ipadress is the only one that needs to be changed, change this by 1 integer.
11.The default getaway and subnet mask are the same as in the command prompt.
12. The DNS's are the same as in the command prompt.
13. Push OK then Cancel.