Call of Duty Cheats and Hacks

CoD2Bot v1.01b
Aimbot, wall hack, name ESP, console enabler. Warning: notifies other players that you are cheating.

OGC Anti-Recoil & X-Hair
Places a static crosshair in the center of your screen (1024x768 game resolution only). Also moves your mouse down when firing.

CoD2 Console Reader Source Code
Not really a hack; allows you to view and send messages to the game's console when minimized. Requires VB 6.0 to compile.

CoD2 WallHack
A simple wall hack via a D3D wrapper.

CoD2 MultiHack
Includes team chams, no fog, and a crosshair.

ParadigM Multihack v1.1
Wall hack, lambert, no fog, wireframe and a crosshair.

CoD 2 Wrapper Source Code
Source code for a CoD 2 Direct3D wrapper. Requires C++ compiler and programming knowledge.

CoD 2 Wallhack v1.2
Wallhack for enemies only, name ESP, a cvar unlocker, and several bug fixes.

n7CoD2 v1.0d
Same features as previous versions, includes bug fixes.

[AR]0v3R-r473d v1.0
Chams, wireframe player models, a crosshair, no fog, WinAmp controls, and a clock.

Features include a menu, wallhack, ESP, third-person mode, a crosshair, autofire, leankey, and direct-server connect with the loader. Works with CoD 2 v1.0 and v1.01.

Catalyst COD2 Public v1.0
Has an aimbot with prediction and autofire. Also includes ESP (distance, direction, boxes), chams, colored models, no fog and a crosshair.

CoD 2 Windower
Forces the game to run in windowed mode. Backup existing gfx_d3d_mp_x86_s.dll before extracting this file to the same directory.

Call of Duty 2 v1.01

CoD2 Mombot
For version 1.01 of CoD 2 only. Includes a wallhack and name / weapon / distance ESP (shown in team-based colors).

sv_cheats Patcher 0.2
For versions 1.0 and 1.01 of CoD 2. Allows for the use of cheat-protected cvars and includes source code.

Call of Duty 2 v1.2

CoD 2 1.2 External Wallhack
An external client-hook wallhack trainer-style.

CoD 2 v1.2 Windowed Mode Patch
An updated version of Pansemuckl's windowed patch. Allows you to play the game in a window instead of fullscreen. Do not use in PB servers (will be detected by MD5Tool).

n7CoD2 v1.0g
Same features as CoD v1.0 version; updated for CoD v1.2.

CoD 2 Wallhack v1.3
Wallhack for enemies only, name ESP, and a cvar unlocker.

bLACKhOLES Wallhack
Just a simple wallhack.

CoD2[PH]BOT v1.2
Includes a menu, a wallhack, ESP, two crosshair types, a lean key, aimbot, autofire, two cham types, "no weed", three third-person types, and clean PB screenshots.

CoD2[PH]BOT v1.2a
Includes same features as previous version, plus radar, customizable aimbot FOV, cham improvements, and a customizable .ini.

CoD 2 Wallhack v1.4
Same features as previous version.

Call of Duty 2 v1.3

CoD 2 Wallhack v1.5
Same features as previous version and updated for CoD 2 v1.3.

PhunKeh Chams
Includes team chams, crosshairs, and can remove fog.

CoD 2 Sharp
Includes name ESP, distance ESP, and crosshair ESP.

CoD 2 Dull
Includes distance ESP.

CoD 2 Dull 0.15
Same features as previous version. Updated to temporarily bypass PB.

asmCoD2 v1.3.3p Detected Public Edition
Includes a menu, Aim Assistance, Wall Hack, Crosshair, Clear Scope, Effect Removal, No Recoil, Enemy Compass, Third Person, Chams, No Fog, Corpse Removal, Name / Team ESP, Enemy Player Indicators, Zoom, Health Indicator, Cvar Unlocker, Shellshock Removal, and a Console Unlocker.


  1. i also need a hack that can unbann me from a server cuz i got banned from my fav one

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    i been trying forever, with many failed attempts


  5. where can i download this hack aimbot????

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  7. why is this al Call of Duty 2????? it is dumb.


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